**NEW** NVSA Membership Procedure

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**NEW** NVSA Membership Procedure

Memberships will be accepted at any NVSA event. They will be collected by each Coordinator or Match Director and turned into the "Membership Coordinator". The Membership Coordinator will eventually be our At Large board member (Wes Riley) once a method and spreadsheet is finalized . He will be responsible to keep the membership list current and distribute it to each event Coordinator prior to any event. This will allow NVSA to keep an accurate list of the members at each event. This new method should elevate any chance of you paying for your membership at one event and the next event not having you listed as a paying member. Bill has forwarded all of the current member lists to the current Membership Coordinator (Brian) to help him get a spreadsheet built.

If you have already mailed your membership to Bill, no problem it will get to the Membership Coordinator. If you have not yet paid for your membership please download the form and bring it with you. We do not have applications at the range and you will have to pay a non-member rate if you don't have your membership application with you.