November 13, 2011 ICORE match.

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Mark Hicks
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November 13, 2011 ICORE match.

Update: RESULTS here

Overall Champion: Brian Gonsalves
Open winner: Brian Gonsalves
Limited winner: Don Barr
Classic winner: Scott Frazier
High Lady: Alexis Katz
High Senior: Scott Frazier
High Super Senior: Don Barr

Things look fine for Sunday's ICORE match.  The weather looks mild, especially compared to some forecasts I'd seen earlier in the week.  Don Barr has a really challenging and fun steel stage set to go and we'll have a  steel challenge type stage as well.  I was going to go down Saturday to set up some stuff ahead of time, but luckily saw the email that the range would be closed for law enforcement use Saturday.  I'll have a stage with lots of moving and Brian will have a classifier.  Anyone that can get there early enough to help a little with setup would be greatly appreciated.  We will need a couple of volunteers for stages in December so consider that too. Can't wait to get shooting tomorrow, see you there.  Mark Hicks


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Mark Barr
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What a great day of

What a great day of wheel-gunning!  ... And what a super group of folks playing the game!  I suppose we DID have a little too much long range stuff.  Maybe we can have some close to medium range field courses next month.. 

It seemed like most folks liked the steel stage too.  Those big plates at 40 yards were tough, weren't they?  The most impressive shooting of the day (other than that of Brian G.) was Charlie and Bill hitting that long range stuff with their little snubbie J frames.  Amazing!

I missed having Ty and Wendy and Lynn on our squad...  Hope to see you all at our December match.

Mark Barr

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