NVSA sanctioned rimfire event on hold.

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NVSA sanctioned rimfire event on hold.

As most of you already know Myself, with Brian working together with Dave Antonini and Tom Frenkle from Richmond Rod and gun club are organizing a joint venture rimfire event. Discussions began in July at the Washington state IDPA event between myself and Dave. For months we only received fragmented bits of information from Ruger not even yet knowing that NSSF was getting involved. When Ruger refused to issue us a date for our event, It later became clear why, once rumors surfaced about NSSF taking over as the sanctioning body. Last month Wendy and I headed to Las Vegas with Dave and Tom to speak to Zack Snow (NSSF director of shooting competition) and Tim Norris directly. We all Sat down and talked about the framework of our event and how to best organize the event we all discussed. We left that meeting feeling that we accomplished a lot but I was still uncertain what rules would be changing. I spoke with many companies about supporting our event and was delighted by the amount of businesses willing to assist. However without a commitment from NSSF regarding, media, target eligibility, promotion, and what rules would manage our structure for this event, It made it difficult to inform sponsors what exactly we needed from them .Telling them to write a check or ship me product is not enough. They need to know what sanctioning organization is overseeing the event and what they are going to get in return for their involvement. Still as of last week everything was still wishy washy. ???

Monday I received word from Dave that NSSF was not going to take over Rimfire Challenge from Ruger in 2013 at this time. This was quickly followed up with one of Richmond's organizers expressing the interest to not put on a Ruger or NSSF style event but hold a "run and gun" 2 gun rimfire event. (outlaw match) that is more common for their club.

In light of this information, I have decided to hold off working on this project at this time. I am left with the impression that Richmond will still hold a match. Whether is is a Ruger Rimfire Challenge event or an "Outlaw" match, that is yet be announced. I will inform NVSA members when I learn myself.


Below is the official announcement from Ken Jorgensen I received today.

"As many of you are aware NSSF has decided not to assume control of the Ruger Rimfire program at this time due to new priorities in response to recent events. During a phone call with NSSF and Ruger staffs it ...was determined that Ruger would continue to oversee the program for the time being. Some Ruger staff previously involved in running the program has been reassigned to duties within the company in this very busy period all manufacturers in our industry are experiencing. NSSF has offered to assist with manpower by providing the services of Tim Norris with whom they have been working in anticipation of the transition of the rimfire program. I will be working closely with Tim to provide continuity for 2013

Ruger will continue to offer product for the prize tables of the sanctioned matches in 2013. I am sure that many of the past sponsors will also continue to be involved and support the rimfire program to the extent they are able.

I do anticipate that matches approved and sanctioned by NSSF for 2013 will go forward as planned. As new applications are received they will be reviewed and acted upon as quickly as possible. Our goal is to keep the program moving and growing with the assistance provided by NSSF and with the intention of transferring the program to them by 2014.

Please contact Tim at rimfiresteel@gmail.com or his cell (661) 510-9379 if you have questions about hosting a Ruger Rimfire match.

If you have a website where this information can be posted I would appreciate it if you would do so. The quicker we can get this information to everyone the quicker we can move forward.

Thank you

Ken Jorgensen
Ruger Firearms"

The Ruger Rimfire Series is alive and well. I will publish the match schedule ASAP.


This news now official does not change my decision to hold off and see were this all goes. I hope to assist in holding a Major sanctioned match for NVSA in the future, at Richmond or any other available range. Fingers crossed for 2014.


Ty Hamby