NVSA turns 100

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NVSA turns 100

Awesome Job everyone. North Valley Shooters Association has hit 100 members in 2013. There may be many reasons as to why we have seen growth. It may be the one large single bay which brings everyone together verses dividing us. It may be the growth of one or all of the disciplines. It may be the smoking hot women or devilishly handsome men gracing our range of late. It may be the sweet smell of surrounding industrial facilities, or the new restroom recently installed. No matter what it is, none of it is possible without the hard work from the many men and women that gift hours of their week to make sure that you and possibly your entire family have a great experience. So next time you see someone working harder than you. Stop and thank them for providing their tireless free time so you can do what you do. Thanks you to all the volunteers who have helped NVSA become the club it is.