October 9, 2011 ICORE match

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Mark Hicks
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October 9, 2011 ICORE match

   Things look good for tomorrow's match.  Temperature max of about 80 degrees.  I just noticed that Lynn, Ty and Wendy won't be able to make this month's match.   Mark Barr will be filling in for Ty designing a stage.  Charlie, Brian and I will  be working on the other stages.  Anyone that can make it a little early can help out.  We have had plenty of new shooters at the rimfire matches and some of them are interested in trying some of our other matches.  That's great.  It's good to see more ladies and some junior shooters enjoying our club.  Just a reminder, if everyone pitches in taping, resetting and painting steel, brass shagging, and tearing down stages the match will run a lot smoother and everyone will be able to have fun.  See all you revolver shooters tomorrow morning.  Mark Hicks

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Mark Barr
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Results are posted..Great

Results are posted..Great match!  All the stages were fun, but that stage one was epic!  Thanks Charlie for all your work on that.  I thought it was the best ICORE stage I've shot this year... including at the IRC!  Super job.

Results are at http://www.nvsa.info/sites/default/files/2011/10-09-11_icore_results.pdf

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NVSA Staff
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Ahh! Crap. Really.....Epic???

Ahh! Crap. Really.....Epic??? Darn I missed it.

Charlie please keep that stage at the ready we might be able to include it in a future "Best Of" Match (more info to follow).

Im so bummed I wasn't able to be there.


"If you plan to leave early, please arrive early to help set up. If you arrive late, please stay late to help take down. If you plan to arrive late and leave early, please do your shooting someplace else."

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Hmmmm... Mebbe with a few

Hmmmm... Mebbe with a few mods so you 8-shooters can't get an advantage.

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

Lynn Brazelton
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I'm really sorry I missed the

I'm really sorry I missed the match, but dang, I sure did have fun visiting with all those classmates I graduated with from good old Enterprise High School in Redding 50 years ago. Yep, hold that stage Charlie so we can shoot it at a later date.


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