Range Cleanup Day - 30 August

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Range Cleanup Day - 30 August

I'd like to hear from anyone who is willing to participate in a range cleanup day on Saturday, 30 Aug. I need volunteers to help spruce things up in preparation for our annual Banquet Match on 21-Sept. We need to pressure wash the covered shelter, tables, and chairs. We also need to trim the low hanging tree branches, and knock down the weeds on the range deck.

Anyone willing to volunteer should email me at the link at the top of the NVSA home page. I have a pressure washer that I will bring, but we could use a second one if anyone has one that they can bring. I also have a power polesaw that I will bring. We'll need some rakes and wheelbarrows, so if you can bring any of those, let me know.

I'll be there at 8am on the 30th to open the gates. If enough people show up, we should be able to wrap things up by noon at the latest.