The range will be blocked out the 1st Saturday of every month for Marysville PD practice and qualifications. If you need to use the range that day you can work something out with CPL Conde of MPD. See email below: Charlie: Thanks. My driving concern when asking for the 1st Saturday was to make life easier for Jim Roberts and the two clubs. We would not have to constantly be playing musical Saturdays. Even though we would have the 1st Saturday, we would not be using the range every 1st Saturday, so, if you post my email address with both clubs, anyone that wants to use the range to practice can contact me, and most of the time they will get cleared. Even on the days we do use the range, we are usually only on one side. What I am trying to set up is on those Saturdays when we will not have a mandatory qualification I will be at the range for informal practice for officers that want to come out. There’s no reason why we can’t cooperate with your members on those days as well. Please post my email address to all concerned as well as my phone number – email is the best, I get it on the phone as well, and usually keep a close eye on my inbox. Thanks, Det. Cpl. Kevin M. Conde Marysville Police Department 316 6th Street Marysville, CA 95901 530-749-3930