Range reconstruction. June 24th and 25th

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Range reconstruction. June 24th and 25th

NVSA membership, 

Yippee! Range cleanup party re-scheduled for Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th. Mark your calendars, this date will remain. I will create a new thread on NVSA to keep updated comments. When you email/text me I will post to the website so others can coordinate what they are bringing or what is needed still. Keep an eye on the website. www.nvsa.info. This will be a group effort and I will try to keep everyone apprised to events, updates, and changes. 
Priorities for Saturday! Besides your bodies, we need equipment.

Backhoe, excavator, or off road forklift. Anything that can assist moving that Conex.  We can rent one equipment if we have to but that eats up club funds we need for other things. We need something that will lift/tip Conex to remove debris from under it and prepare the earth to return Conex to it proper location. If we cannot secure something for Saturday morning to move the Conex then we will need to drag it with 4x4’s, winches, chains, and tow straps.
We need pressure washers, water hoses with Y adapters, more water hoses and spray nozzles. Tony Reis was at the range today and verified that our old water source remains intact. The box will need to be dug out with a garden spade to get proper access to the hose bib. Someone bring a garden spade please.
Conex once leveled needs to be emptied. Emptied 100% to remove all sediment. Conex will need to get pressure washed out.
Good stuff will be recycled, trash will be placed in a pile to go to the city dump or trash dumpster. Anyone who wishes to take trash home to burn, please do.
Wash location will need to be created. Hill to bathrooms / covered area / berm / on top of pallets/ back of your pickup / anywhere you want. The only stipulation is that runoff water needs to remain contained within the confines of the range. I will bring my pressure washer but I don’t have a hose / Y-adapter. Remember if you don’t bring a Y adapter there will be nowhere for you to get water from. There is only a single hose bib at the range for multiple hoses that may be needed.  
The city left a bunch of tree stumps on Bay 1. Those need to be drug to the old stump pile located outside the range gate. Chains, tow straps, ect.
The SE corner fence is down and NVSA property is outside the range.  Debris that belongs inside the range that went down river needs to be gathered up if still there and brought back for usage or trashed properly.

 Priorities for Sunday

Finish left over tasks from Saturday. Repair props, organize Conex, range landscaping.
Sundays schedule will be updated Saturday Night. New or leftover tasks will be updated then.
Will need drills, screws, nails, wood, mesh (I will purchase) etc. to repair      props. Will shop Saturday night for Sunday reconstruction consumables. 
Sunday, we will also need power drivers, cords, Generators, saws, screws, and any other type of off the grid construction type gear.

Lastly, Thank you in advance. Without you we cannot resume. Please consider helping out. Any advice or referrals you have will be appreciated. 

Ty Hamby
​ICORE Coordinator. 

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Ty Hamby
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As of Tuesday morning.

As of Tuesday morning.
3 can make
6 can not.
78 members have not responded.
Jay K. Has agreed to make a hose manifold for 4 hoses. So we won't need Y adapters except as backup.
I will update as I get more responses and information.

"Unnecessarily restrictive engagement requirements by default is the hallmark of a lazy or flat out terrible stage designer." ~ unknown

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Ty Hamby
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Check below for up to date

11 People have confirmed they are unavailable to help due to scheduling conflict. 
12 People have confirmed they are available to help
64 dues paying members have not responded at all. 

Check below for up to date list.  
Joe K. Will be there
Richard B. Will be there

Mark & Don Barr w/ wheelbarrow, hoses, shovels, takes and brooms
Randy H. Coordinating with Jay
Jay K. Power Washer, Water Manifold with supply hose, Makita and saw with supporting tools.
Ty H. Power Washer, no hose, Mesh to rebuild barricades, 2x2's for Coroplast walls, 1x2 target sticks. Unsure how many floated away. 
Wendy H. Bringing checkbook
Chuck S.  Generator, Cord, Powered hoe/scraper, may not be large enough to move Conex but may assist???

Brian G. Will be there.
Wes R. Will be there. 
Mark H. Will be there, screw guns, hose, shovel, wheel barrel, rake, and a smile. 
Mark B. Will be there!
Randy H. Will be there!
Jay K. Will be there if needed. 
Ty H. Will be there will supplies to finish leftover Saturday projects. 
Wendy H. Will again have the checkbook
Chris P. Construction, carpentry tools, table saw, circular saw if needed

"Unnecessarily restrictive engagement requirements by default is the hallmark of a lazy or flat out terrible stage designer." ~ unknown

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