Rimfire May 22nd 2016

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Rimfire May 22nd 2016

Starting May 8th, you can sign up for the May 22, 2016 NSSF Rimfire / Centerfire Pistol event. The gate will be open at approximately 7:15 and registration will be from 8:00-8:30 with the shooter's meeting and match to follow in short order. More info

Be sure to sign in and pay using the Practiscore link above. Late entries on match day pay the normal rate plus a 10 dollar penalty.

We are continuing the new division for your shooting pleasure: Centerfire Pistol. If you sign of for this division, you will be shooting the pistol stages with any pistol or revolver legal for IDPA, ICORE or USPSA, with or without optic. The rifle stages can be shot with a .22 rimfire rifle with or without optic or with your Centerfire pistol. You may draw from a holster or start from our standard high ready position. Bring 5 mags/speed loaders for your centerfire pistol/revolver and give it a try!

Think about signing up a friend and helping us grow the sport! New shooters are always welcome.

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