Shooting range in Chico could materialize by fall

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Shooting range in Chico could materialize by fall

CHICO -- Two officers from the Chico Police Department are behind a project that will bring an indoor shooting range, guns and supplies to north Chico.

Even with heightened sentiment about guns, the partners have gotten plenty of support for the $3.1 million project, including an offer by an unidentified bank in Chico to help with funding.

Taking shape formally since November, the project has gotten thumbs-up from various businesses and organizations in the north state.

Demand is coming from hunters, recreational shooters, novices, families, women, youth and students. There could be need from law enforcement agencies as well, but they aren't the main focus.

Now in escrow, the former Moss Lumber building at Garner Lane and Highway 99 will become Down Range Indoor Training Center, according to partners CEO Will Clark and vice president Steve Dyke, both members of Chico Police Department and SWAT team.

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