Shot Show 2012

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Shot Show 2012

Thought I might post some "new for 2012". 

There will be thousands of new and cool items again this year. I will try to only post items that could find a home at North Valley Shooting Association.  In California some of these will make the safe list and some will not. Using the single shot exemption most any handgun (safe list or not) can be purchased in California legally.


1) Springfield Armory XDS  This is a single stack .45 ACP compact. 


2) Smith and Wesson bringing back the Classic 586 6 shot revolver.

3) Sig Sauer introduces a new gun. The Sig P938. It is basically a P238 in 9mm vs. .380. Wendy thoroughly enjoys her P238. I am sure she will enjoy this one also. 

4) Ruger enters the 1911 market

5) Sig adds a competition ready 1911 in either 40 or .45 to their stable.