Spring news from IDPA HQ

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Spring news from IDPA HQ

The following is Spring news from IDPA HQ 


Important News About SO Classes

Very soon all IDPA members will be receiving the Q2 copy of the IDPA Tactical Journal. In that issue, you will find a review of the work that the Tiger Teams are doing on the updated rulebook. Although slightly ahead of schedule, we will continue to work on that effort for a few more months, including an updated process and curriculum for Safety Officer Training. Effective September 1st, we are temporarily halting all Safety Officer Classes in the US. We also recommend clubs evaluate the need for any currently scheduled classes between now and September 1st. If your club does not absolutely need the class then we recommend rescheduling to next year. There will be important changes that all SO's need to be aware of as well as new class structuring. Taking the new class next year will also eliminate the possibility of needing to take a refresher or re-certification class shortly after having taken the old SO class.

Our concern for our shooting community is paramount, and with upcoming redesign of the rulebook and our SO Education area, we need to have the updated rulebook and training process in place before asking our members to sit for a class whose information will change within the next few quarters. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to make IDPA even better!

Welcome to Down Zero... IDPA's Official Blog

Today the International Defensive Pistol Association is in all 50 states, as well as active in 54 foreign countries. There are 321 affiliated clubs. And as as of the end of March, the total membership stands at a record 19,937, having grown an incredible 5.82% in the first three months of 2012 alone.

As IDPA's Executive Director Joyce Wilson will tell you, "we couldn't have gotten here without the tremendous support and dedication of IDPA members. You have helped to make us the fastest growing pistol sport in America, and certainly one of the most fun to participate in."

With the incredible growth comes the need to establish stronger communication with clubs, match directors and, of course, members. So welcome to the new Down Zero blog where you'll find the latest news, match information, updates from headquarters, shooters profiles, and the occasional random thought (though not subject to a procedural).

Along with @OfficalIDPA on Twitter, ShootIDPA on Facebook, and IDPA TV on YouTube, the Down Zero blog gives you one more way to connect with fellow shooters so you can keep up to speed on all things IDPA. Read our new blog at www.idpa.com/blog.

Blogger ready? Standy By...


2012 IDPA National Championship

The 2012 IDPA National Championship SO and Staff Application is now available on the IDPA website at www.idpa.com/champ_info.asp. If you would like to volunteer for a SO or Staff position for this year's match please fill out the application and send it in to Headquarters. We will compile the list and send it to the Match Director, Frank Glover, for SO selection. If you want SO, you must fill this out as Frank will be making his selections based solely on this list. You will have until April 30th to make sure your information is submitted. Frank will make his selections in the following two weeks. You will receive your notification in time to apply for a regular competitor slot if you are not selected. The regular competitor application will be available in the May issue of the TJ and online at the www.idpa.com on May 7st. We will not accept regular applications with a post mark earlier than May 18th.

SO's will have the option this year of shooting the entire match on Wednesday or shooting half on Tuesday and the remainder on Wednesday. We hope that this opportunity will make the match a little more fun for our SO's and Staff.

We look forward to seeing you all in Oxford this September.