Sundown at Coffin Rock

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Sundown at Coffin Rock

I frequently forget the title of this story and have trouble re-locating it. So I am posting the link here so I can find it easier in the future. I sometimes want to share and cant always find the link so I am posting the story and link here.

It is a story of a boy and his Grandpa and how they work through gun confiscation.


Sundown at Coffin Rock

by Raymond K. Paden


The following article appeared in the April 1994 issue of the Blue Press, a monthly magazine published by Mike Dillon and the Dillon Precision company.

The old man walked slowly through the dry, fallen leaves of autumn, his practiced eye automatically choosing the bare and stony places in the trail for his feet. There was scarcely a sound as he passed, though his left knee was stiff with scar tissue. He grunted occasionally as the tight sinews pulled. Damn chainsaw, he thought.  

Read the rest here

Just discovered a YouTube video recently posted of the story. Ill have to watch it later. Probably a better book than movie though.