Training with 'Toys'?

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Training with 'Toys'?

Having used my brother's Echo1 Stag M4 select-fire airsoft, I can tell ya that not only are they FUN, but they would work very well for training purposes.

Any way...

Tactical Firearms Training Secret #1 - Airsoft
by David Morris on April 26, 2012

As any shooter can attest, ammo prices have shot through the roof over the last few years. I went to an indoor range near my house a couple of weeks ago with 1 gun to test/confirm some new equipment, shot for 20 or so minutes, and ended up paying close to $100! No…it wasn’t full auto. In fact, they only allowed 1 round per second. It was just that I had to use their ammo and targets and it was THAT expensive.

Because of prohibitive costs like that, I’ve transitioned more and more of my firearms training from live fire to using airsoft Police Tactical Pistols (PTP or Trainers). These are a class of airsoft guns that are made of metal, are the same size and weight as their real counterparts, and have the same controls, including safeties, slide locks, mag releases, as their real counterparts…and they even break down the same. In other words, these aren’t the clear plastic toys you buy at Target....

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