Turkey Day Take Down

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Turkey Day Take Down

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Because weather forced us to cancel a couple matches this 

month, and we have an extra Sunday, NVSA will be holding a special match on Sunday, November 29th. We are still detailing out the stages, but this much is clear... Six stages and there will be at least one Pro-Am par-time steel stage. We will be using numbered targets with 1-second per point down scoring, plus penalties. Penalties for each stage will be delineated within the stage description. All shooting will be done from inside shooting boxes. Stage designs should be finalized and posted by Sunday, the 22nd.

Gates will open at 0700 for stage builders and helpers. Sign-in/registration will start at 0815 and close at 0845. New shooters to the range should be sign-in before 0830, at which time the New Shooter Orientation will take place. Shooters meeting will be held at 0900 with hammers falling shortly thereafter.

Let's hope that the Karma and Weather Goddesses smile kindly upon us but, just in case, be sure to check your emails and/or the website for match status prior to heading out to the range on match day.



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