Two great NVSA members.

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Two great NVSA members.

If you don't shoot ICORE you may not have met Randy Gillum or Amy Yee but you might have enjoyed their efforts. If you have ever used the gray stake hammer, you know how much back breaking work it eliminates. If you have enjoyed using it  then you have used one of Randys donations to the club. These two members have been a great addition to the NVSA family. It was not long after their first match at NVSA that I knew they were special. At first Amy only watched as Randy shot. However in true NVSA fashion many of us convinced her to also shoot. Now they have both become a permanent fixture to NVSA's monthly ICORE matches. A few months back Randy told us that he would like to build a rack for our target stands. Well as the rest of you make your way into the conecx box over then next few weeks and see the new rack that supports our stands, I would like you to think of Randy and Amy and the other volunteers that work tirelessly to put on great matches in efficient manors. These luxuries are all due to people like Randy and Amy that help make it all possible. 

From the NVSA family to Randy and Amy... I pass along our sincere thank you for the work you do for our club. 

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Thank You very much for the

Thank You very much for the donation of material and time, it looks great.

Christopher W.Peplow

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Jay Kuca
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Many thanks to Randy and Amy

Many thanks to Randy and Amy for all the work they've done for the club. The new target stand rack looks great!


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Randy, Amy you guys rock. I'm

Randy, Amy you guys rock. I'm so glad that I'm not going to tare another hole in my pant leg again. That pile of target stands have needed some loving attention for a long time. And it received the love that it needed.

Thanks again,


Tony Reis

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Brian Gonsalves
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Thank you so much for ALL

Thank you so much for ALL your efforts! 

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Mark Barr
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Awesome job!

Thanks for all your work on this project. Outstanding!

Mark Barr

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