want a gunsmith for sig mosquito

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want a gunsmith for sig mosquito

I have a Sig mosquito I bought for my son to learn to shoot a pistol.

However it is not reliable at all. I have tried changing the spring different ammo lube. (fail to feed seems most common)

Does anyone know of a pistolsmith/gunsmith who has a good reputation and could do

work to make it more reliable?

Other than getting the ramp polished what else could be done?

I was hoping to use this for rimfire weekends but right now it just has too many problems.

I am willing to ship or go local as needed.


Thanks for any and all input



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Brian Gonsalves
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Check with Scott Folk at Apex

Check with Scott Folk at Apex Tactical  www.apextactical.com

I don't know if they will work on it, but Scott worked with Bruce Gray who specializes in Sig pistols.  He may be able to point you in the right direction.



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