What is NSSF Rimfire?

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What is NSSF Rimfire?

NSSF Rimfire is a series of shooting competitions. They are designed to attract mom, dad, and the kids. NSSF Rimfire is open to everyone. If you are a serious competitor come on out and shoot the event we would be happy to see you. However it is keyed towards people that are not sure what shooting events are about but they want a reason to get out and shoot.

The matches are open to any .22LR handgun and rifle. You will need both a rifle and handgun.  It is kind of a "shoot-what-you-brung" to the match event. Ideally it would be nice to have 5 magazines for each gun you wish to use. However it is not necessary, you could use a buddy or another member to assist in loading your magazines for you while you are on the firing line. Typically you are going to shoot each stage 3-5 times. So rather than having to reload in between strings it is nice to just pop in another fresh magazine. It also keeps the day flowing nicely. If you only have one or two magazines for your gun don’t hesitate to come on out. Good chance there will be plenty of loaner magazines already there at the match.

The match is open to all classes of guns. On the handgun side there are some people shooting double action revolvers, some people shooting single action revolvers. Definitely the most popular is any auto loading handgun.  For rifles there are single shot pumps, lever action, and sometimes even single shot rifles. Again the most popular rifle would be the semi-auto. Whatever you have there is a division for you to shoot in.

If you don’t have all the guns to shoot a NSSF Rimfire match at some matches there will be guns available. Please contact our rimfire coordinator and discuss what options he may have available for you. Sometimes it is great to try out other guns before you go an buy anything.

Every match director is allowed to setup courses the way they want, as long as there are safe and simple. We will be using the NSSF rulebook to guide us in keeping an easy to remember set of guidelines. It is our policy that NSSF Rimfire will refrain from getting overly complicated. We don’t want to design stages that trick people, or cause mistakes to be made. Bottom line is we want everyone to have fun and stay safe. Hope to see you at the range.