Who to Blame?

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Dave Gunsauls
Joined: Mar. 15th, 2011
Who to Blame?

Who to blame ???

Ty, Brian, Mark, Now i have to find a new holster, extra moon clips, moon loaders, de mooners, etc etc etc

Plus I'm going to get dizzy watching things go round and round instead of just slide back.

Now I have to drive to Gridley three times a month.


Smith & Wesson 627-5 Perf Center, .357 Mag, CA

But it's going to be fun!!!!

Dave Gunsauls

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Brian Gonsalves
Joined: Feb. 19th, 2011
NICE GUN!   Who to blame?



Who to blame? Mark or Ty for the Gun. You can blame me for this:



Mark & I use: http://shootersconnectionstore.com/Super-Ghost-Holster-Revolver-P2137.aspx

Ty uses (will use): http://shootersconnectionstore.com/Double-Alpha-Race-Master-Holster-Right-Hand--P1645.aspx

Jerry M (Who?) uses: http://shootersconnectionstore.com/CR-Speed-Revolver-Holster-P205.aspx


Moonholders: http://shootersconnectionstore.com/North-Mountain-Moonclip-Holder-C124.aspx


Belt: http://shootersconnectionstore.com/CR-Speed-Belts-C55.aspx


Moonclips: HearthCo, Dave Hearth ( I will get you his new email, his old one got hacked )


Brass: http://www.starlinebrass.com/


Moonclip too (Loads and Unloads)l: http://www.bmtequipped.com/products.php


Bullets: I’m working on the perfect bullet!! But for now 38-158-RN: http://www.shooterready.biz/Cast_Bullets.html


You're going to love revolver matches! Make sure to mark your calendar for the SW Regional April 21st and the IRC June 1 - 3!

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Mark Barr
Joined: Feb. 23rd, 2011
Welcome to the family,

Welcome to the family, Dave!

You're in for a heap of fun. I don't know why, but wheelguns rock.

Maybe it's the occasional 50 yard shots.. Or maybe it's the run and gun.... Or maybe it's the 25, 35, 45 round stages.

Whatever it is, you're gonna love it.


P.S. Blame Wendy and Ty

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NVSA Staff
Joined: Feb. 8th, 2011
Its Wendy's fault! Welcome to

Its Wendy's fault!

Welcome to the club, Hang on, its going to be a wild ride!

"If you plan to leave early, please arrive early to help set up. If you arrive late, please stay late to help take down. If you plan to arrive late and leave early, please do your shooting someplace else."

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Joined: Feb. 16th, 2011
Yep! It's even fun for we who

Yep! It's even fun for we who shoot lightweight five-shooters... time consuming, but fun.

The ability to shoot straight is that part of national security which affects the individual more than any other. - Merritt "Red Mike" Edson; CMOH-USMC

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