You guys are gonna break my bank! `

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Lynn Brazelton
Joined: Feb. 25th, 2011
You guys are gonna break my bank! `

Well, went to the ICORE match today with a new Ruger GP100, 6" barrel. I also had some new Safariland Speedloaders and holders. Never even had a chance to use them before today. Well, I was not happy with the holders and was looking at what others were using. Saw a number of you guys using the safariland triple holders, and they looked like they will work really well. So, there goes some more money! Dang, I just keep spending. Kinda like Ty and his buying holsters. cheeky  Now, when they come in, and hopefully it won't be just before the next match, I'm going to have to try and get some more hands on with the speedloaders. They held me back some today as I was unfamiliar with them. However, I did notice my getting more familiar with them as the day went on, so maybe there is a bit of hope for me after all.