Rules regarding posting content from other sites

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Rules regarding posting content from other sites

The first and MOST IMPORTANT rule:

DO NOT post subscriber-only content from other sites on this site unless you have been granted permission. ie. IDPA allows clubs to repost its information. The NRA does not. NRA-ILA does if for non commercial use.
DO NOT quote from it, and DO NOT reveal details about it that is intended only for that site's subscribers. Published articles sent directly to your e-mail should never be posted on this site.

 The second but still very important rule:

DO NOT ever copy and paste an entire article on this site, even if it's free to the public to read. It's still copyrighted material, it can be illegal, and it can still get this site into big trouble.

So what can you do?
I encourage those that post to keep posting!

You can still reference, summarize, and even quote a sentence or two from free articles, AS LONG AS YOU PROVIDE PROPER CREDIT (and a link, where possible) to the original article. All you need is a heading a couple of paragraphs or sentances. then link to the original article. Gets the word out without stepping on any toes along the way.

I have edited or will edit content that do not conform with these rules. We do not want a cise and desist letter.