Cover & Concealment

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Cover & Concealment

Those who have never had military or law enforcement training tend to use the terms interchangeably in error. Here's s good short article by Jim Wilson that breaks it down very simply:

Cover & Concealment

You should always know where available cover and concealment is located in your area.
By Jim Wilson

For the defensive shooter there is a distinct difference between concealment and cover. Concealment is anything that will help you hide, but does not stop bullets. Examples that quickly come to mind are bushes, shrubbery and shadows. An alert citizen, who sees potential trouble while it is still a ways away, might step behind concealment so that he or she is not seen while observing and making a determination about the potential threat....

For the rest of the story, go to:


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And if one more person calls

And if one more person calls my IDPA vest "Cover" I am going to burst my last brain vessel. 

Hey Ty you for got your "Cover". Hey Ty, don't you need "Cover" for this stage? Every time an SO yells "COVER", I think "do I have a vest on?

FYI, IDPA vests are used as a concealment device, NOT cover..... Ok rant off... angry



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