USA Carry’s Guide to Dry Practice

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USA Carry’s Guide to Dry Practice

IDPA HQ had the following linked on their Facebook page:

USA Carry’s Guide to Dry Practice
By Ron Danielowski on July 26, 2012


Due to the various requests I have received in regards to my article Sighted Fire vs. Reflexive Fire [], I am providing this DIY guide to dry practice (a.k.a. “dry-firing”) in order to answer some of the questions that are still lingering in regards to dry practice.

In this article I will attempt to give you some basic safety guidelines, and some ideas of how to both schedule and keep your scheduled routine from becoming too dull. Be forewarned; this is a long article (about 23 pages in Word). I have gone through these lengths not because I like to type, but because I would like to give you a deeper understanding of both the safety considerations, as well as the practical application proper dry practice.

I would like for you to keep in mind that everything in this article could be wrong.  So approach it the way you should all firearms articles: Check it out for yourself, as it is you who has to learn for yourself. As humans, we learn by emulating (copying). As we experience more and learn more, we begin to transform our ideas and change them with little refinements here and there. Finally, after learning (copying) and tinkering enough, we begin to combine ideas to create new and interesting concepts, ideas, and techniques. Therefore feel free to copy, transform, and combine these ideas by mixing them with your own life experiences, creating a dry practice routine that works for you.

You can download this guide in PDF format for free here.
It is about 20 pages.