IDPA Changes.

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IDPA Changes.

For those of you who don't do the Facebook thing or did not receive the email blast from IDPA HQ then you have not heard about some of the changes. 

International Defensive Pistol Association
We apologize for the typo in the previous email. Please see the corrected Eblast below.
What’s in this Eblast
  • Deletion of the flat footed reload
  • Creation of a new Division
  • Date and venue change for the World Championship
  • Clarifications for 4th quarter
The IDPA Rule Book
HQ has received a number of calls asking when the new rule book will be posted. Although we are still working on it, we do want to let you know that we are listening to the membership and want to give you a little peak into the direction we are headed.
The first, and one of the biggest announcements, is on the flatfooted reload. While we thought we were headed the right direction with this, it became obvious that the membership at large did not like this new rule and that we missed the mark by implementing it. The members have spoken using the suggestion tool and we listened. When this version of the rule book becomes effective, the flat footed reload will now be gone. Big cheers all around we are sure.
Another announcement almost as big is the addition of a new division in IDPA. We actually have two ideas and again, we want your input. The final specifics of each option are yet to be determined, as we want the members opinion first on which option to peruse.
Option 1: Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) – this would be for double action or single action guns. This division would be largely like SSP otherwise but the gun size would be limited to guns of M&P compact or Glock 19 size.
Option 2: Laser and Optic Pistol (LOP) – this division would allow for the mounting of a laser or slide mounted optic on the handgun. The optic would have to be mounted between the rear of the ejection port and the rear of the slide. Both single action and double action would be allowed. We might also add revolver to this division.
Remember, the complete requirements are not yet set for these divisions but we want you to tell us the direction to work on. To let us know, please got to to make your choice.
With the addition of this new division, we have also decided to eliminate the ESR Division. While we know that this will make a few people unhappy, the results for sanctioned matches in the past year show that ESR comprises less than 3 percent of all competitors. This number also holds true for classifications held by our entire membership. We are looking at the possibility of adding these guns back to SSR so that we do not completely lose our members ability to shoot them.
One of the last areas that we are working hard on is adding some of the creativity back to the stage designers’ toolbox. We are making good progress and we think that the members and match directors will be happy with the end results.
As it stands currently, we are on track to have this rule book completed and ready for the 2015 shooting season. As soon as we have a firm date to post the complete rulebook we will let you know.
Date, Venue Change for 2015 IDPA World Shoot
Because of the desire for greater accessibility for U.S. members, the bulk of our membership, we have decided that the 2015 IDPA World Shoot will be rescheduled to take place this coming September in Tulsa, Oklahoma, taking the place of the scheduled US Nationals.
Originally planned for March 25-29 in Caguas, Puerto Rico, the 2015 IDPA World Shoot will now take place September 16-19 at the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
When we originally planned the details for the 2015 World Shoot, IDPA’s second such international championship match, we looked to host it outside the continental U.S., selecting Puerto Rico as the destination. While Puerto Rico offers an excellent venue, and what would no doubt be a top rate competitive shooting and social event, IDPA mis-estimated the level of enthusiasm such a match outside the continental U.S. would generate among U.S. members. Our first priority is to deliver IDPA members a first-class championship event and right now the majority of our members, that would fill the match, are telling us they want that event to be held closer to home citing the still depressed economy as one of the reasons to limit travel.
IDPA members that registered early for the World Shoot will be guaranteed slots at the rescheduled event in Tulsa. Additionally, IDPA has lowered the match fee from $275 to $225, which reflects the reduced costs of hosting the match in the mainland US.
The Puerto Rico IDPA community continues to grow with their Caguas Challenge and the Puerto Rico Nationals match gaining popularity among major match competitors, and we are looking forward to possibly hosting an international championship in Puerto Rico in the coming years. IDPA HQ will work with Max and the Caguas club on the possibility of hosting a major match during the same time frame for those that still wish to visit this great club and location.
Clarifications for Q4
Today we have posted the clarifications document for the second quarter of 2014. This document addresses requests that were submitted through September. Submissions after that period will be addressed in the new rule book review. Some requests may not be listed if it was determined by the team that no clarification was needed, or if the request was for a rule change rather than a clarification. These clarifications will go into effect immediately.
We encourage all Area Coordinators, Safety Officer Instructors and Match Directors to familiarize themselves with the clarifications and cascade to their shooters.
The Q4 Rulebook Clarifications document can be found
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