Action Shooting 101

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Action Shooting 101

Sharpen Your Skills While Having Fun

How action shooting matches can give you street-ready defense skills

The scenario on the stage briefing said, “You’re in your truck at a red light when the car in front empties itself of armed thugs intent on beating you senseless and stealing your truck. The car behind you won’t move. Your only choice is to defend yourself.”

A diagram showed five silhouette targets downrange of a parked truck. I’d have to neutralize the first three from the driver’s seat, then open the door, take cover behind it and neutralize two more across the hood. This isn’t the kind of shooting I would do on my own at the range, and it showed me exactly where my deficiencies were in shooting while seated in a vehicle.

Everyone in my squad had an interest in protecting themselves at home and on the road. We all knew that this kind of attack in our city actually happens. But before that Saturday morning at the range, we’d never practiced how to defend against such an attack.

By Dave Norman

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