Modifying SSP basepads.

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Modifying SSP basepads.

I have been having a discussion with a friend about the legality of basepads modifications in SSP. There is no argument that modifications to basepads are legal in ESP. However there has been a discussion that on an SSP gun any modifications to the basepad on that is not in the "inclusive list" as stated on page 20 of the IDPA rule book would be an illegal modification.

The modification in question is adding skateboard tape to the bottom of the pad. There is no question in ESP just SSP. I believe it is 100% legal in SSP. He however disagree's. His argument is that the basepad is not part of the grip and since skateboard tape is only allowed in SSP on the grip service and not anywhere else then it has to be illegal in the base of the magazine pad.

I found on the IDPA forum that this question has been asked and answered. While it didn't address skateboard tape itself. It did address the use rubber and or polymer as examples that you may add. The decision was posted by Robert Ray himself. Robert Ray is the official go to rule guy for IDPA. Here is his post dated January 2011

IDPA allows competitors to replace the base pads with aftermarket products. These products must still allow the gun to fit the box and not make the magazine weigh more than 1 ounce over the same capacity factory magazine. Aftermarket products must be suitable for all day continuous wear and not a competition only product. Examples of non-legal products would be brass base pads or base pads incorporating springs to aid ejection.

IDPA allows competitors to make modifications to the base pads of SSP guns. These modifications must still allow the gun to fit the box and not make the magazine weigh more than 1 ounce over the same capacity factory magazine. Modifations must be suitable for all day continuous wear. Examples of these modifications are reshaping of base pad or the addition of rubber/polymer bumper pads.

Robert Ray


  Since he didn't specifically address "Skateboard tape" my friend still believes it would be illegal to add to a SSP basepad. I still disagree at this time. At this current time I would feel comfortable adding skateboard tape, masking tape, paint, ink, or bubble gum to any of my SSP magazine basepads.  It still can not weigh more than 1oz. over a stock pads weight and will of course need to fit in the box. Just make sure that ether at your local club or before any major match you check with the match director and make sure you understand his interpretation of the rule. He will be the one DQ'in you, not any equipment inspector.

EDIT: My Friend has now gotten a clarification from Robert Ray:
According to Robert Ray, we can now add stippling, checkering, and grip tape to the list of legal base pad modifications in SSP division.

I didn't ask him about tacks and bubble gum, but I'm sure those would be legal now too.

So in my opinion, do just about anything you want to your SSP basepads. Just make sure it fits in the box and your magazine weighs no more than 1oz over factory. -enjoy