NVSA cleanup list of people to thank. (Photos)

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NVSA cleanup list of people to thank. (Photos)

As you all know, our range got trashed after the Oroville spillway failure. It tool 5 months to get back in there to thoroughly go through everything. The job turned out to be much larger than I thought. With the help of both members and a couple of non-members we got through it all in only two days. I want to make this post so that you will know who to thank. Here is my thank you list. 

Day 1

Saturday started off with myself and Wendy arriving at the range at 5:30am
Next to follow in no particular order was:

Chris Washington - prospective member
Joe Kirkland
Jay Kuca
Randy Hood
Jeff Monian
Chuck Stevens
Ben Stevens
Richard Bryant
Robert Warn
Kurt Staib
Russ Holtz
Mark Barr

If I forgot someone I apologize. We all worked non-stop to empty the large container. By 7:30 it was empty. Robert and Chuck lead a small crew to slide the front of the container to a position a hook could grab it. Jeff and Jay got water hooked up and the rest of us assisted the big container move. By 8:30am both of our containers were moved and most everyone hauling steel anything to the building to be pressure washed off on the concrete slab by one of 3 pressure washers running. A 4th pressure washer was being used to wash out the large container in preparation to secure all the steel before it got too hot. Boy was it hot Saturday and Sunday. Randy, Wendy, Mark, Richard, Kurt and others worked tirelessly hauling steel to the wash area then again to the container. Myself, Jeff, and Russ washed and washed and washed the steel, walls, chairs. Chuck and Ben along with others worked non-stop to remove the trees left by the city in the middle of the range. The gang eventually got all the steel into the large container and locked. We left the range burnt out and beat up at 12:30

Day 2

Kurt Staib x2
Russ Holtz x2
Chris Peplow
Remmington Sandler
Loretta Gonsalves
Brian Gonsalves
Jeff Monian x2
Gilbert Sandler
Mark Hicks
Mark Barr x2
Wendy Hamby
​Ty Hamby
Wes Riley
Ben Retutal
Chuck Stevens x2
Ben Stevens x2
Michael Moreno - non member

We started again at 5:40 but with a different plan. Not only will the final items to be kept be washed with the rest going into the trash pile but we would also begin a repair and recovering of all the white walls along with any orange snow fence changed out to sunbrella mesh. At its peak we had four 2-3 person crews recovering walls. No more orance fence material. Triangle gussets were added to all of the white walls and repaid at the same time. Eventually Chris and Jeff built a couple more 4x6 self standing barricades. While construction was going on Wendy washed in tubs everything that was worth trying to keep. Clipboards, tools, tape measures, and so much more were painstakingly scrubbed, lubbed, and returned to the container. We lost a lot of consumables. All the tape and targets were a loss. Every cloth, carpet anything was tossed into the trash pile. There you go. That is our cleanup in a nutshell. Enjoy some of the photos that were taken both of members working but also damaged goods. Day 2 we were off the range at 11am. 
Please take a moment to thank these volunteers that worked hard to give you back a place to shoot each weekend. 

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Ty Hamby
Joined: Feb. 23rd, 2011
More Photos

More Photos

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Day 2

Day 2

"If you plan to leave early, please arrive early to help set up. If you arrive late, please stay late to help take down. If you plan to arrive late and leave early, please do your shooting someplace else."

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