Courtesy of Steve Cachia, Richmond Hotshots:

Just another reminder that the Richmond Rod & Gun Club will be hosting a IDPA Safety Officer class on February 26th, starting at 8:30am. We currently have 10 folks signed up for the class, but there is room for a few more. This class is recommended for those that want to improve their SO skills, officiate a sanctioned match, or improve their skills at IDPA.

Classifier Richmond March 13th

Courtesy of Steve Cachia, Richmond Hotshots:
On March 13th, (second Sunday) Richmond will be holding a classifier as part of our regular match (3 classifier stages and 4 scenario stages).  This is to allow everyone in the local area, who wants to shoot the regional but does not have a current classification in their division, an opportunity to get classified.  As this classifier is being shot as part of a regular match, reshoots will not be allowed due to shooter brain fade or shooter equipment failure.  Regular match fees apply.

Classifier February 5th

From the President:
In preparation for the Golden Gate IDPA Championships in May, Jim will hold a Classifier in Richmond on Saturday, February 5th.

This will be limited to 12 shooters, registration by RSVP only, and no walk-ins will be allowed. Priority will also be given to those people who have already registered for the Golden Gate match, but have not yet met the Classifier eligibility requirement. Also note that you must be a current IDPA member and have your member number with you to put on your scoresheet.

Location: Richmond Rod & Gun Club

California: AB 962 Formal Injunction Order Issued

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Today the Fresno Superior Court issued an Order of Permanent Injunction in the NRA - CRPA Foundation funded legal challenge to AB962, Parker v. California. The order permanently prevents the state and its agents from enforcing the provisions of AB962 (Penal Code sections 12060, 12061, and 12318). A copy of the Order is available here. The Order comes following a dramatic ruling giving gun owners a win in a National Rifle Association / California Rifle and Pistol (CRPA) Foundation lawsuit. On January 18th, Fresno Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton ruled that AB 962, the hotly contested statute that would have banned mail order ammunition sales and required all purchases of so called "handgun ammunition" to be registered, was unconstitutionally vague on its face. By enjoining enforcement of these statutes, mail order ammunition sales to California can continue unabated, and ammunition sales need not be registered under the law. A formal written ruling from the court will be issued soon.

Supplies needed for the troops

NVSA has been sending much needed supplies to help the soldiers. Tooth brushes, tooth paste, dental floss, very light reading material, gum, hard candy firearm cleaning supplies. basically anything a soldier might want to be just a little more comfortable in a war zone. The Government is taking care of most their needs, we would like to help them with their wants. Bring them to any event and we will see that they get over there. Here is a letter in response to the last shipment.

Send your Membership Application TODAY!!!

From the President:
Just got an email from Bill asking me to remind everyone that membership applications & fees are due the first of January. If he doesn't have the new apps by the January match shooters will charged the non-membership match fees until he receives 'em.

Oh yeah... I mailed out five boxes weighing a total of 35-1/2 pounds to Afghanistan on 26 NOV. Thank you to everyone that threw something into the box.

Check six.

IDPA World Championship

The International Defensive Pistol Association is excited to announce the inaugural IDPA World Championship to be held September 21st - 24th, 2011 at the Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida.

As IDPA continues to grow within the United States as well as abroad, and from interest within the membership, we realize that the time has come to host a World Championship. We have been working diligently to iron out the details of this event in order for our competitors to arrange their vacation schedules. We will keep you continuously up to date as other details are finalized.

An extra day will be added to this match to accommodate the increase in shooters interested in participating in this inaugural event. Competitors will compete over the course of two half days, thus allowing time to visit vendor areas, side matches and some of the attractions the area has to offer.

The Universal Shooting Academy (USA) facility comes with a knowledgeable staff that is accustomed to hosting large matches. We feel that between their dedication and the local area attractions we have selected an ideal location for the World Championship.


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