Gate Access and more Update

Important update: Members of NVSA have been working with Gridley city managers to re-open the range. Along with numerous back and forth emails there have been several face to face meeting with a variety of city workers working hard to hash out details that will allow NVSA to remain active in Gridley.

The city of Gridley has demanded we make some changes to our range procedures. Most of the changes are minor, but there are a couple of large changes that will affect each of you. One significant change is a requirement that every family or individual member, have an active gate card. This gate card will be the only way for members vehicles to enter the electronic gate. No longer will anyone be allowed to swipe you in or use any other technique or hack that allows an unauthorized vehicle to enter the electronic gate. At least one person per family and all single memberships will be required to have a gate card. One card per vehicle per the new city requirements.

The city of Gridley has also imposed a new fee of $35 per year per card. To simplify both card management and your yearly NVSA membership dues, the board of directors have decided to change our annual membership dues expiration to align with Gridley’s new card expiration dates.

NVSA Annual Membership Cost is $25.00 yr. individual or $40.00 yr. family. From July 1st to June 30th. Family is defined as those immediate family members living in your household.

A gate card to enter the boat ramp/range is mandatory. No tailgating or using someone else's card. City of Gridley is managing the gate cards again. YOU MUST HAND WRITE ON YOUR APPLICATION YOU WANT YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO BEGIN 1 JULY if you want it to coincide with your NVSA membership. Cost is $35.00 for the year. You will need to fill out the gate card form completely and either mail in or drop off. The City has a 24 hour drop box. Include a self addressed envelope with postage paid and they will mail your new card. Make sure to include the correct gate card and number.

Visitors to NVSA will also be handled differently. Each match director will have “Visitor” cards to use to let a single car in. Again, we are required to not allows more than one car per card in. Each visitor to the range will need a member to come in, request a visitor card and take it to the visitor to use or discuss with the match director another way to get a visitor card to a visitor.  No tailgating or swiping others in will be allowed. This rule is not negotiable. Of course, anyone without a card may choose to park outside the gate and get a ride in or walk in. It is the cars that enter and not the people that enter the city is concerned with logging. 

The first meetings with the city began with a video presentation that included a montage of gate violations. These violations were witnessed and verified to be done by members of NVSA. Violations ranged from tailgating others in to mechanically modifying the gate. There was also video of people swiping others in. All NVSA members will be required to adhere to the new gate policies or risk their membership. The surveillance camera definitely works and works well. There is also discussion of more cameras at the boat launch, fish washing station and maybe even the range in the future.

Again I wish to thank everyone for your patience as we implement these requirements for the city. 


Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 20:45