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We hope you find all the information you need to get started in USPSA, IDPA, ICORE, or Rimfire. Action pistol is a fun and exciting sport. You don't need any special equipment. You only need a desire to practice smart range safety, exhibit safe gun handling skills, and a desire to have fun. Feel free to contact the President of North Valley Shooting Association with any questions you have.


Print your Membership Form, Fill it out and Bring it to your next match.

Gate card info <click here> Gate cards expire July 1st.  Read more about North Valley Shooters Association

NVSA Little Gun Match Aug. 30th, 2015

We will be hosting a Defensive Little Gun match on Sunday, August 30th. We are still operating on summer hours, so gates will open at 0600 for stage builders and those desiring to help. Sign-in will start at 0715, new shooter orientation is at  0730, shooters meeting at 0800 and hammers falling shortly thereafter.  Read more about NVSA Little Gun Match Aug. 30th, 2015


NVSA Clean Up August 29th 2015

Members of NVSA,

It's almost time for our annual BBQ Match. I'm looking for some volunteers to help with clean up on August 29th at 8:00 A.M. I need someone to bring a pressure washer to clean the building area. All other tools will be for general maintenance. Please sign up on the provided sign up sheet. Thanks in advance for helping make our sport successful.


Tony Mobile: FiveThreeZero.4Three4.NinetyFive23
If you can make it please fill in the form below.
  Read more about NVSA Clean Up August 29th 2015

IDPA Aug. 16th, 2015

The next IDPA match is Sunday, August 16th. Gates will open at 0600 for Stage Designers and others desiring to help with set up. Check-in begins at 0715; new shooters to the range must be checked-in before 0730, when the New Shooter Orientation begins. Safety Officer Walk-Through is done at 0745 and Shooters Meeting at 0800 with hammers falling shortly thereafter.

You can sign up HERE

Sign-up will close on Friday, August 14th at 8PM Read more about IDPA Aug. 16th, 2015


ICORE Aug. 9th, 2015

Summer Hours
Stage setup @6:00. Sign-in 7:15-7:45 Please visit the signin table to sign your entry on the squad list. We need to know you have arrives and are present. Thank you. (Walkups welcome before 7:30 +$10 fee)

New shooters meeting @ 7:30

Register for the next match HERE

See you all there. 
  Read more about ICORE Aug. 9th, 2015


USPSA Aug. 2nd, 2015

Greetings USPSA Shooters!   

We had a great July match and were able to leave the range by 1 p.m.  Thanks for the twenty something shooters who showed up on Sunday.  Also, thanks to all that showed up early to set up and help make the match run smoothly.   

As you know, we are always in need of stage designers every month, so please take the opportunity to volunteer and do your part to actively participate in the sport we all love!  Read more about USPSA Aug. 2nd, 2015



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