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We hope you find all the information you need to get started in IDPA, ICORE, or Rimfire. Action pistol is a fun and exciting sport. You don't need any special equipment. You only need a desire to practice smart range safety, exhibit safe gun handling skills, and a desire to have fun. Feel free to contact the President of North Valley Shooting Association or our ICORE Coordinator with any questions you have.

Print your Membership Form, Fill it out and Bring it to your next match.

Gate card info <click here> Gate cards expire July 1st. 



April IDPA on April 20th

Stages HERE         Results HERE 

SSP Champion
ESP Champion
CDP Champion
SSR Champion
ESR Champion



Long range forecast is looking like summertime is definitely here. We'll have some fairly fast stages to shoot. I need one volunteer, who has never done a stage, to set up a stage design that I have selected due to two folks needing to bow out. It is quick and easy. If ya wanna help me out and learn how to design & set up, email me HERE

April 13th ICORE Match

Stages Here        Results Here

Open winner: Brian Gonsalves  133.20
Limited winner: Ty Hamby  167.21
Classic winner:  Mark Hicks 265.51
High Lady:  Wendy Hamby  242.77
High Senior:  Mark Hicks 265.51
High Super Senior:  Richard Marty  205.36

Special IDPA Classifier Scores

Scores from Classifier have been uploaded to IDPA HQ. Don't forget to update your info here on the club webpage. I could, but I don't wanna.  We had 13 shooters show up and we got 'em all done in about three hours. Some moved up and some didn't... I know one who just missed.

April 6th Provisional USPSA match


Overall winner Lance Lowe
Open - Brian Gonsalves
​Limited - Lance Lowe
Limited Ten - Mike Kern
Single Stack - Mark Hicks
Production - Jeremy Nunes
​Revolver - Ty Hamby

March 23rd NVSA/NSSF Rimfire

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Top Open - Brian Gonsalves
Top Limited - Shannon Cunha
Top Lady- Keri Cunha
Top Junior - Garret Burton
Top Senior - Jay Kuca

IDPA - March 16

Stages are HERE      Results are HERE                                            

CDP Champion - Randy Hood
ESP Champion -  Matt Brooks
SSP Champion - Sam Martinez
ESR Champion - 
SSR Champion - Charlie Severance

ICORE Match on March 9th

  Stages are Here.             Results

Open winner: Mark Barr 154.05
Limited winner: Tony Reis 208.97
Classic winner: Mike Kern 225.03
High Lady: Wendy Hamby 266.40
High Senior: Tony Reis 208.97
High Super Senior: Mike Kern 225.03

February 23rd NVSA Rimfire

Results: Here

Top Open - Jay Kuca
Top Limited - Shannon Cunha
Top Lady - Keri Cunha
Top Junior - Garret Burton
Top Senior - Jay Kuca

February 16th IDPA Match

Scores  Stages Here         Results Here

CDP Champion - Randy Hood - 119.92 (31)
ESP Champion - Chris Peplow - 113.02 (37)
SSP Champion - Brian Stone - 104.26 (31)
SSR Champion - Brian Gonsalves - 116.02 (18)
Most Accurate -  Bill Miller - 186.13 (12)
Top Lady - Bonnie Sare - 165.71 (25)
Top Senior - Mark Hicks - 134.24 (32)