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We hope you find all the information you need to get started in USPSA, IDPA, ICORE, or Rimfire. Action pistol is a fun and exciting sport. You don't need any special equipment. You only need a desire to practice smart range safety, exhibit safe gun handling skills, and a desire to have fun. Feel free to contact the President of North Valley Shooting Association with any questions you have.


Print your Membership Form, Fill it out and Bring it to your next match.


Individual Membership $25 or Family Membership $40

Gate card info <click here> Gate cards expire July 1st.  Read more about North Valley Shooters Association

Turkey Day Take Down

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Stages Here:

Because weather forced us to cancel a couple matches this month, and we have an extra Sunday, NVSA will be holding a special match on Sunday, November 29th. We are still detailing out the stages, but this much is clear... Six stages and there will be at least one Pro-Am par-time steel stage. We will be using numbered targets with 1-second per point down scoring, plus penalties. Penalties for each stage will be delineated within the stage description. All shooting will be done from inside shooting boxes. Stage designs should be finalized and posted by Sunday, the 22nd. Read more about Turkey Day Take Down


Rimfire November 22nd, 2015

Time to sign up for the November 2015 NSSF Rimfire event.  The gate will be open at approximately 7:30 and registration will be from 8:00-8:30 with the shooter's meeting and match to follow in short order.  Roberta has Bay 1 and Russ has Bay 2.

Be sure to sign in and pay using the Practiscore link above.  Late entries on match day pay the normal rate plus a 10 dollar penalty

check back here Satuday after 12 noon, as match cancellation due to weather is always possible. 

Think about signing up a friend and helping us grow the sport!  New shooters are always welcome.  Read more about Rimfire November 22nd, 2015


ICORE Nov. 8th, 2015

Sign up for Sundays ICORE match. With the weather changing be sure to check back each Saturday nights for updates on weather all winter long. I do need a few to come out and swap out the night match targets for ICORE targets Sunday morning but the stages wil be much the same. It is going to be a fun match. Stages will be posted Tuesday night. 

ICORE has announced a couple of changes to the rules.  Read more about ICORE Nov. 8th, 2015


New Board of Directors for 2016

Nominations for new NVSA Board members for 2016 have been open for the last 30 days. Club members voted on the slate of nominees at today's IDPA match, and I'm pleased to report that the following NVSA members were elected to serve on the 2016 Board:

President - Gilbert Sandler

Vice-President - Tony Reis

Secretary - Dave Gunsauls

Treasurer - Wendy Hamby

Rangemaster - Brian Gonsalves

USPSA Match Director - Robert Warn

ICORE Match Director - Ty Hamby

IDPA Match Director - Charlie Severance

NSSF Rimfire Match Director - Mark Barr

The new Board members will begin serving their terms on 1-Jan-2016. Please join me in thanking all of them for agreeing to serve as Board members in the coming year.

Jay Kuca

NVSA President


  Read more about New Board of Directors for 2016


USPSA Nov. 1st, 2015

Greetings USPSA Shooters!   

We had a great October classifier match with 3 stages and 3 classifiers and were able to leave the range by 2:00 p.m.  I hope the unclassified shooters were able to establish a classification and the classified shooters were able to move up!  Thanks for the twenty shooters who showed up to shoot the match.  Also, thanks to all that showed up early to set up and help make the match run smoothly.   Read more about USPSA Nov. 1st, 2015



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