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We hope you find all the information you need to get started in IDPA, ICORE, or Rimfire. Action pistol is a fun and exciting sport. You don't need any special equipment. You only need a desire to practice smart range safety, exhibit safe gun handling skills, and a desire to have fun. Feel free to contact the President of North Valley Shooting Association or our ICORE Coordinator with any questions you have.

Print your Membership Form, Fill it out and Bring it to your next match.

Gate card info <click here> Gate cards expire July 1st. 



October 26th NVSA/NSSF Rimfire Challenge


Overall  Champion: 
Limited Champion: 
Open Champion: 
High Lady: 
High Junior: 
High Senior: 

Our monthly Rimfire Match will be held this coming Sunday, 26-October. The current weather forecast looks OK, partly cloudy with temps in the upper 60's. It's supposed to rain about a half inch on Saturday, but that shouldn't make the range deck too messy.

We need at least 10 people for a match, so sign up now using the Signups link in the orange bar at the top of the home page. Check the website on Saturday to make sure the match is a GO.

See you there!


2015 IRC - Sept 25-27 in Fallon, NV

Info from the ICORE Official Facebook Page:

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Stillwater Firearms Association and Match Director Nathan Carmichael host IRC 2015 on September 25-27. It's official!


October IDPA is Sunday the 19th

Stages HERE                           Results HERE

SSP Champion ~ Gilbert Sandler
ESP Champion ~ Mark Barr
CDP Champion ~ Randy Hood
SSR Champion ~ Brian Gonsalves
ESR Champion ~ Mike Kern

ICORE Match October 12th

Results Here                    Stages Here
Limited winner: Ty Hamby
Open winner: Mark Barr
Classic winner:  Mark Hicks
High Lady:  Wendy Hamby
High Senior:  Mark Hicks
High Super Senior:  Mike Kern

USPSA October 5th 2014


Overall winner ~ Lance Lowe

Open Champion -  None
Production Champion -  John Prall
Single Stack Champion -  Randy Hood
Limited Champion -  Lance Lowe
Limited Ten Champion -  Russ Holetz
​Revolver Champion - Brian Gonsalves

September 28 Rimfire Match


Overall  Champion: Mark Barr
Limited Champion: Mike Raymond
Open Champion: Mark Barr
High Lady: Roberta Raymond
High Junior: Garret Burton
High Senior: Jim Burton

BBQ Banquet Match - September 21st

USPSA Scores Stage winner - Mark Barr

ICORE Scores Stage winner - Brian Gonsalves

IDPA Scores Stage winner - Matt Brooks

Rimfire Scores Stage winner - Brian Gonsalves

Shootoff Winner Limited - Jeff Catbagan

Shootoff Winner Open - Brian Gonsalves

BBQ Match Stages Here

ICORE Postal Match is September 14th

Stages Here.                   Results Here

Open winner: Mark Barr
Limited winner: Russ Holetz
Classic winner: Brian Gonsalves
High Lady: Wendy Hamby
High Senior: Mark Hicks
High Super Senior: Mike Kern

USPSA September 7th.


Overall winner ~ Carlos Katalbas

Open Champion - Carlos Katalbas
Production Champion - John Prall 
Single Stack Champion - Mark Hicks
Limited Champion - Lance Lowe
​Limited Ten Champion - Martin Reynolds
​Revolver Champion - Brian Gonsalves