Range Access Policy

New people to the range will want to contact the match director prior to the match to arrange for entry to the range. NVSA has a limited number of guest passes and we will come out to let you in.The city of Gridley's electronic gate policy does not allow for a car to enter the range that does not have an active gate card issued to it. Absolutely no tailgating/following another car in or using someone else's card for entry. The gate is video monitored by the city. The Boat Ramp Application is available on the Home Page. Fill out completely and mail it with a check or money order to the City of Gridley. Renewing members need to include their 5 digit number to reactivate. New members, include a self addressed envelope with postage paid and the city will mail it back to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions and answers involving the new restrictions to the electronic gate. 

1) I am an NVSA member. I already paid my curent membership and I have a working gate card. What do I need to do?

Answer: Since you are a current member, your membership will be active from July 1st - Jun 30th of each year. Your gate card is good for one year. Handwrite "activate July 1st" on your application, if you want your card active the same dates as your membership.  To renew simply visit your membership match management link. There you will find a link to pay. Once you pay you are set to go.  

2) So, what significant change took place in reguards to range access?

Answer: The city of Gridley management has resumed the issuing, renewing and monitoring of gate cards. The application to renew or apply for a gate card is on our home page under Boat Ramp Application. 

3) Can I just follow someone in?

Answer: No. That has always been prohibited. Do not tailgate people in, period! The gate is video monitored and they know when a card was used twice.

4) Can I wait there for someone to swipe me in? 

Answer: No. Every single NVSA member or the primary person in a family membership is required to possess a gate card. This has always been the policy, and moving forwards will be stricktly enforced. 

5) I am an NVSA member. I only show up on occation each year to shoot. How can I get in?

Answer: Get a card or Ride in with a friend. A card is needed for every vehicle entering the gate, parking outside of the gate is frowned upon by the city. 

6) I am not a member. I would like to check you guys out or come and shoot with you.

Answer: Non-members visiting NVSA will use a guest card to gain access. Each match director has two cards issued for 1st time guest. Each visitor will need to contact the match director prior to arrival to arrange a time to meet at the gate to be let in using a card. 

7) I am an NVSA member and I forgot or lost my card. Can I use a guest card? 

Answer: No, guest cards are for non-NVSA members only.

8) What if I am a member but arrive without an active gate card. What are my options to shoot. 

Answer: All current NVSA members are welcome to shoot with us. Always! Ariving without an active gate card will limit to you either entering in a car of another member with a gate card or parking outside the electronic gate and walking in. The cards are one per car and can not be shared with other cars.

9) My current card is expired or not working. What do I do?

Answer: If you have a card but that card does not work or was lost or stolen. You will need to contact the City of Gridley. 685 Kentucky Street, Gridley CA 95948 Phone (530) 846-5695

10) When does my membership expire?

Answer: June 30th of each year. Membership runs from July 1st - June 30th. Anyone not currently a member may join now and become a member. Membership is $25 for single person and $40 for family living in the same home. Gate cards may be acquired from the City of Gridley.